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Welcome to the SeniorJobBank Careers and Education section. The information in this section can assist those people who are currently in a job transition or who are contemplating a career or job change. We are pleased to provide job data by state that includes average annual salary, number of jobs and popularity of jobs both relative to other states and in raw numbers. This data can provide a good place to begin research into alternative jobs or careers and even what to expect when relocating. In addition, as readers browse the data, we have provided a list of the top career schools in each state. Many of these schools have a broad offering of degrees and certifications. Follow the school links and obtain information about programs and enrollment.

For those considering a change in occupation:
Select the state in which you reside or plan to reside in the future and browse the job data for both salary level and popularity. This can provide valuable insight into the availability of jobs that you might consider and also the pay scale for those jobs in your state.

For those considering a change in industry:
The job data in the top table can provide insight for those who are interested in researching specific states and their prevalent industries. For example, compare the data for Oregon and Maine for the logging industry. Or look at the data for Texas related to jobs in the oil industry. Gain insights into specific positions in these industries and, as noted earlier, take a look at the educational opportunities available through the career schools listed by state.

For those considering relocation:
Select the state in which you plan to work and/or reside following your job change and browse the job data for salary levels related to your specific occupation. By browsing the data in the top table for your state, the jobs that are most popular can provide insight into the industries that are most prevalent in that state relative to other states.

Browse the Careers and Education Information by State:


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